Camera text overlay drivers for Axis and Lilin

Due the lack that C4 does not show the outside temperature in mobile apps we have developed drivers that putĀ  the temperature as text overlay into the camera picture. This way the customer from Miami can see the outside weather and as well the temperature when he connects to his Chalet in the alps. (looking to the security cams on the app)

Now how to set up all this:
First you need this driver to get the weather data for your location. Its a driver from Ryan Boucher (many thanks for such excellent drivers) with a little modification that we get the weather condition in Composer as string variable:
Download (login needed): other_ip_theory_Yahoo Weather
Then depending on the camera you have :
Download (login needed): camera_text_overlay_driverworks_axis
Download (login needed): camera_text_overlay_driverworks_lilin

How do I get there in detail?

Setup in Composer the camera:
Setup the weather driver: (The WOEID code for your location you find here:
Setup the text overlay driver: (same data as you inserted into the camera driver)
Then jump to Programming. At the end it should look like that:
First setup that as soon the temperature changes it gets written to the NUMBER1 variable of the overlay driver:
The weather condition need to go into STRING1:
Finally combine the string:
STRINGx and NUMBERx in the message string will be replaced with the data the variable contain.
See the result: