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All about C4

Control4 T3 Series 10” and 7” Wall panels slow, quick fix

If you experience slow reactions, access agent which does not authenticate the code entered on the new wall panels C4-WALL10 and C4-WALL7 you should probably restore the panel to factory default. Make sure the panel is identified in the system. Then go to  >Settings > System Info > and Select Factory Data Reset. Wait for a few minutes and the panel will update and load the project, done

Summer time, C4-8AMP1 gets horrible loud

During summer time the Control4 4 zone amps can be horrible loud, simply because the thermal management is not done/ done in a inappropriate way.

If you have a fan on hand, ideally 12×12 cm standard PC casing fan you can do a quick modification which will bring already a lot. This big fan will blow out the hot air trough the top ventilation holes.

Electrically it can be connected in parallel with the fan  for power supply “PS FAN”. I used a Zalman ZF1225ASH, low noise fan

Mounting: Take screws, or just binders. Watch out that you don’t interfere with the big C’s on the board.

Here some pictures:

Control4 intercom to call mobile phones on doorstation ring

Ever wanted to be notified when someone rings your doorbell  and your are in holiday? Open the door for UPS or the cleaning service from everywhere in the world is possible now. Steps to take:

  1. Install a Koch  or whatever compatible door station on your C4 system. (No C4 door station)
  2. Order a  GSM gateway from (Contact info in the setup PDF, they speak English)
  3. Set up like described here: control4 GSM Gateway Setup v1.00
  4. Enjoy

Control4 driver for IP Power 9258 DS power distribution unit (PDU)

A PDU is a power distribution unit. It provides some main inputs and some switched main outputs. Its the ideal way to manage power in your AV rack.

The  IP Power 9258 DS PDU (Rack mountable , 8 switched mains outputs) is available on many stores online. Just search with Google. Its a relatively cheap way to manage 8 outlets, pricing begins with 299$. In Europe we would recommend to order it from Sphinx  Connect, Part number 290085

The driver to use is the custom lua functions driver.
Download: (login needed) custom_lua_functions_DriverWorks_1_00_001
To make it work with the PDU you need to load this config file GTASLCO4CULUFU using the driver.

  1. Insert the custom lua functions driver with composer
  2. Go to the Properties page of the driver, there a path like \\\drivers\lua\sandbox\xxxx is displayed.  Browse with Explorer to that folder
  3. Copy and replace the GTASLCO4CULUFU.lua file with the one from the download above
  4. Open the file and make sure you have set the correct IP address in line 46 and also the correct username and password in line 47 and 48. User and pass are already set to the defaults of the PDU. If you load the file with incorrect username or password C4 Director may have to be restarted doing to the fact that the C4:urlGet function will block until killed
  5. In the drivers Actions page press Load file
  6. See in Programming that the driver has exposed 8 Variables named with POWER_RELAY_1 to POWER_RELAY_8 which can be set to true and false, true will have the relay to close, false will open.

If the driver does not act as expected, set the Log mode to  Print and the Log level to Debug. These setting  have the LUA window to print out whats going on.


Control4 driver for Cisco SBS series switches and network monitoring tools

This driver set is the Swiss army knife, it combines network monitoring tools with the ability to automatic reset power lines and/or ports of a switch. So first we need to make sure to have s Cisco Small Business Series switch in the project, a SG300-28 or whatever, 500 series also should work. It does not matter in which configuration the switches are running.

So for simple port control of the switch we just need the switch driver, setup as follows:

  1. Setup the Switch to allow Telnet access
    Login with your credentials and find the point to activate telnet. Usually Security->TCP/UDP Services
  2. Setup the driver in Control4
    Find the driver by tipping “cisco” into the search field
    And insert the properties
    If the driver starts correctly under Programming all ports are listed
    Each port can be switched on/off/toggled using this variables.

But wait, what about my ADSL that hangs every 2 days? No need for expensive power relays (that hang by itself…), we use C4 combined with the Cisco switch to do the job!

How to restart my ADSL modem if its not responding anymore

  1. Add the ping check driver
    Insert the IP of the router or in case of a modem a IP from the internet/from your provider
    Careful set the properties, in the drivers Documentation tab is explained what they do.
  2. Set the actions to take on ping loss
    To get something happen if the ping is lost, we have a variable named device_power_control, it goes to false if the ping times out, true if it the device answers correct. Furthermore a direct relay connection can be done
    The relay connection can be connected to a low voltage relay (to break 12V or such) like the  one from the Controller, also possible to connect to a high voltage relay from a DIN-8REL module to break the power. The down time is 10 seconds, after that the relay closes again
  3. Switch a POE port of the switch on ping  loss
    Jump to programming and set the ports variable to the device_power_control variable

Ping is ok but can I test also a telnet port, like the one from Director? Hang on!

Restart devices that should be checked on a telnet/TCP port

  1. Add the telnet check driver
    And set the properties, again read the Documentation tab of the driver..
  2. Set the actions to take if port is not available
    The telnet driver has the same variables and relay outputs as the telnet driver, see above how to set up

The drivers for all this you find here (login needed)

Latest switch driver version 1.00.005. Does expose a relay binding for each port
Download here (login needed)

Latest version switch driver 1.00.009

  • For each POE port and each link port a separate Relay connections is available in Connections
  • Only ports that are physically available are listed
  • Divers improvements

Download here (login needed) switch_300-500_Series_Managed_IP_driverworks_cisco_1_00_009


Control4 multi dwelling intercom with Koch

Control4’s doorstation solution has a big lack, it does not support multi dwelling houses which are very regular in Europe.
Koch provides the multi dwelling door intercom system TC-Bus which can support up to 115 members.

For each to TC-Bus connected C4 system a SIP gateway is needed, if the TC-Bus has less than 10 members the FBI6101 module should be used. Above the FBI6100 is suitable. To open the door a BRE2/SG module needs to be purchased, it connects from a C4 relay to the TC-Bus and sends the DTMF 7 when the relay is closed, the door opens. (Mention on order that is should send DTMF 7)


  • There is no way to call out, from panel to the doorstation
  • Only audio is supported, video can be inserted via webcam (which is mounted in the TC_Bus doorstation anyway) and a pageflip on the C4 touchpanel

Login to the Koch SIP gateway default ip, password 1234
Setup the phone-book that  it rings to the intercom group 123:

Save it!

On C4, create a intercom group 123, assign all panels to the group.
Insert a “3rd party SIP phone” driver and set username and password (numbers only), insert the same credentials in the SIP gateway:
Save everything and try!
Opening the door can be done via “Custom Button”.

The driver for the dorstation webcam can be found in my other post about Koch:
Create a bookmark on your touchpanel for the webcam and have it called when the intercom session is accepted. Then you can speak and see the person outside.

International dealers may please contact Koch for sales directly:

Control4: Pimp Programming with LUA code

A LUA driver writer often times see on site simple tasks that cannot be executed in Composers Programming like:

  • Round a number / calculations
  • Simple string formatting
  • etc…
  • All Lua “on board” functions

Now the “Custom Lua Functions” driver does provide a simple way to manage all this kind of tasks. The driver itself does contain all code that is needed to be a driver, from debug possibilities to  timer functions.

The functional code itself is outsourced to a file on the C4 file system. It also adds to the driver the variables that are used for data input and output via Programming. (For sure you can add as many variable as you want and you choose the name)
A sample file is included in the zip file which provides out of the box some working examples and also some instructions.
Looking to this file you will see that it is very easy for everybody that knows LUA  a little bit to add even complicated operations. Once the function code is defined, load the file via the drivers Actions and your done.  Now you can set the Variables via Programming and they will execute your own fancy code, delivering the output you have defined with your code.

Download here (login needed):


Control4: Wireless Music Bridge troubleshoot guide

So the  brand new Music Bridge  is unpacked but does not act as normal?  The following issues can be fixed:

  • Music Bridge disconnects frequently during operantion
  • Firmware download was unsuccessful, the driver could not update correctly
  • Music Bridge is stuck in update mode, no reset does help
  • General the Music Bridge seams not to work correct

The answer for all these issues is: Firmware update, but not in the usual way:

  1. Use the browser to go to the WMB’s webpage and you see “Firmware update”. Probably you only see this menu point as the unit is stuck in update mode (Airplay and DLNA led’s on front panel are flashing every second)
  2. Download the firmware from C4:
  3. Upload to the Music Bridge and follow the instructions given by the page
  4. Let the WMB reboot and enjoy! Now the WMB working like it should