Control4 driver for IP Power 9258 DS power distribution unit (PDU)

A PDU is a power distribution unit. It provides some main inputs and some switched main outputs. Its the ideal way to manage power in your AV rack.

The  IP Power 9258 DS PDU (Rack mountable , 8 switched mains outputs) is available on many stores online. Just search with Google. Its a relatively cheap way to manage 8 outlets, pricing begins with 299$. In Europe we would recommend to order it from Sphinx  Connect, Part number 290085

The driver to use is the custom lua functions driver.
Download: (login needed) custom_lua_functions_DriverWorks_1_00_001
To make it work with the PDU you need to load this config file GTASLCO4CULUFU using the driver.

  1. Insert the custom lua functions driver with composer
  2. Go to the Properties page of the driver, there a path like \\\drivers\lua\sandbox\xxxx is displayed.  Browse with Explorer to that folder
  3. Copy and replace the GTASLCO4CULUFU.lua file with the one from the download above
  4. Open the file and make sure you have set the correct IP address in line 46 and also the correct username and password in line 47 and 48. User and pass are already set to the defaults of the PDU. If you load the file with incorrect username or password C4 Director may have to be restarted doing to the fact that the C4:urlGet function will block until killed
  5. In the drivers Actions page press Load file
  6. See in Programming that the driver has exposed 8 Variables named with POWER_RELAY_1 to POWER_RELAY_8 which can be set to true and false, true will have the relay to close, false will open.

If the driver does not act as expected, set the Log mode to  Print and the Log level to Debug. These setting  have the LUA window to print out whats going on.