Audio Matrix (SymNet Designer compatible)

SymNet Audio Matrix driver. Works with any  Symetrix SymNet enabled device which can be programed with Symetrix Designer, currently Solus and Express series
Licenses can be bought in the driver store (login needed)

Support: Only a experienced Control4 and Symetrix installer should use this driver, we do only answer questions related to the driver and its config, not to Symetrix programming in general.


Using Symetrix Designerthe provided super modules can be placed into the custom configuration of the Symetrix DSP. Together with the C4 driver it enables the DSP to work like a standard audio matrix with extended functions.

Super modules

A basic set of matrix super modules is available, features :

  • Source matrix
  • Source leveling
  • Zone Volume

Refer to the example projects provided below on how to usethe super modules. As well read the drivers manual.

C4 driver

Features of the C4 drivers:

  • Works as standard C4 matrix
  • Comes in the configuration of 8×8, and 16×16
  • Serial communication


  1. Download all files
  2. Symetrix Designer: Configure the project, have a look to the project examples, or use a project sample to start from
  3. Set serial speed from the  Symetrix device to 115200, dip switch to “Acc”
  4. Control4 Composer: Insert the driver into the config, connect all audio bindings
  5. Control4 Composer: In properties page fill in license key and all other fields. Refer to the drivers manual for details about the driver properties
  6. Control4 Composer: Connect serial port
  7. Let everything start, the C4 driver will display “Driver version xxx running” once the start-up is complete

All SymNet control numbers are hard coded into the driver. If a custom module should be controlled by the driver the numbers must match the predefined numbers. See the drivers manual for more info about that

Download files here (login needed)
Control4 driver: (Version 1.3.1)


Example projects for Symetrix Designer:
Supermodules for Symetrix  Designer:
SYMSMDESCMAT(commercial matrix)

The maximal inputs/outputs the driver is designed for is 16×16. Contact us for special configurations.