KNX Thermostat drivers from MAAR (Control4 Turkey)

  • Thermostat driver (To work with Berker and Schneider thermostats, HDL fan actuators.
    Download: (login needed) knx_thermostat

Please contact maar for further information:

KNX Thermostat drivers for Feller Room Thermostats (RTH)

These driver are known to work with the specified Feller Thermostat devices. All thermostat drivers need to be licensed, licenses are available in the driver store
Developed and tested with the C4 KNX network driver V10, will not work with any knx network driver below V10

Generic thermostat / ACdriver for Hitachi, Zennio etc

  • Supports 1 Byte and 1 bit modes (modes can be custom defined)
  • Set point and temperature
  • Fan modes (modes can be custom defined)
  • Louvers/slat modes (modes can be custom defined)
  • Presets
  • Preset scheduling
  • Extras
  • Hold modes

Refer to the manual for additional info about supported datapoints
Driver download (Version 1.00.31): (login needed) knx_generic_ac
Documentation download: (login needed) knx_generic_ac

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