Control4 OS 2.5.2 How to fix streaming issues

Control4 has released 2 batches which should solve the following issues with streaming and not playing Rhapsody in OS 2.5.2

  • When using routers with a small DHCP table, the Rhapsody or Napster service connection can get dropped when in use. This causes the music to stop streaming to the device. This will also cause an error message on Control4 touch screens indicating the connection was dropped.
  • When an Audio stream is called for, it will primarily be established between Audio Out 2 from the controller to the respective input on the matrix. When a second audio stream is called for, a second stream is not established in addition to the first, but rather replaces the first resulting in the first ‘room’ being turned off and only one audio stream able to establish itself from the HC-800 at any given time.
  • Can’t get the HC-800 to establish a stream from Audio Output 1 on the controller, the matrix remote proxy always indicates that it is streaming from Audio Out 2 of the controller.
  • When the C4-16S2 is removed from the project and the HC-800 audio outs are connected directly to a C4-16AMP2, then it is possible to establish two separate digital audio streams as expected. The “2.5.2 Audio Matrix Switch Multi Stream Patch” will resolve these issues.

So if you experience any of the issues above please do apply the batches.

The detailed info for the two batches can be found at the C4 KB:

All these issues will also be resolved in 2.5.3