Control4: Pimp Programming with LUA code

A LUA driver writer often times see on site simple tasks that cannot be executed in Composers Programming like:

  • Round a number / calculations
  • Simple string formatting
  • etc…
  • All Lua “on board” functions

Now the “Custom Lua Functions” driver does provide a simple way to manage all this kind of tasks. The driver itself does contain all code that is needed to be a driver, from debug possibilities to  timer functions.

The functional code itself is outsourced to a file on the C4 file system. It also adds to the driver the variables that are used for data input and output via Programming. (For sure you can add as many variable as you want and you choose the name)
A sample file is included in the zip file which provides out of the box some working examples and also some instructions.
Looking to this file you will see that it is very easy for everybody that knows LUA  a little bit to add even complicated operations. Once the function code is defined, load the file via the drivers Actions and your done.  Now you can set the Variables via Programming and they will execute your own fancy code, delivering the output you have defined with your code.

Download here (login needed):