Control4: Replacing main Controller (OS2.5 and above)

If you have to replace the main Controller in a Control4 system you can do it in several ways, here one way that could/should work.

  1. Connect to the current system and update it to a OS version 2.5 or above
  2. Let all Zigbee devices update, make sure there is no update pending anymore before proceed with step 3
  3. Join the new Controller to the project and run again the update process, make sure everything is online after updating
  4. Move over the Zigbee devices as described here Replacing the ZAP Coordinator 2.5 Software and Greater, make sure that the old main Controller does not have anymore the role of Zigbee Server and/or Zigbee Coordinator. This roles should be shifted to the new Controller
  5. Save your project and disconnect the old main Controller
  6. Open System Manager and enable Director on the new Controller
  7. Wait until you can connect with Composer and restore the project to the new Controller
  8. Make sure the new Controller is online and the Zigbee devices are coming online too
  9. Register the new main Controller on

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