Control4: Wireless Music Bridge troubleshoot guide

So the  brand new Music Bridge  is unpacked but does not act as normal?  The following issues can be fixed:

  • Music Bridge disconnects frequently during operantion
  • Firmware download was unsuccessful, the driver could not update correctly
  • Music Bridge is stuck in update mode, no reset does help
  • General the Music Bridge seams not to work correct

The answer for all these issues is: Firmware update, but not in the usual way:

  1. Use the browser to go to the WMB’s webpage and you see “Firmware update”. Probably you only see this menu point as the unit is stuck in update mode (Airplay and DLNA led’s on front panel are flashing every second)
  2. Download the firmware from C4:
  3. Upload to the Music Bridge and follow the instructions given by the page
  4. Let the WMB reboot and enjoy! Now the WMB working like it should

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