How to replace a Kaleidescape Kplayer 2500 power supply

First be aware that any modification of the Kaleidescape product is dangerous and will void all warranty.

  1. Open up the case
  2. Remove the old power supply
  3. Insert the new one, if the cable holders are not 100% the same use some hot glue to fix. Make sure that the ground/5V are correct matching the cable. Red =5V, black = ground
  4. Connect power and measure with a power meter the voltage supplied on board
  5. Adjust the adjustment pot on the power supply to 3.3V
  6. Have a look on the fan, if its old and noisy it needs to be replaced. To test use a blow dryer and heat up the U20 chip on the board. The fan should power on shortly. DO NOT OVERHEAT U20 !!
  7. Replace the fan if needed (You maybe have to “modify” the cables a bit)
  8. Control all work done
  9. Close casing.

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