Koch doorstation compatible with Control4

The Swiss company Koch has a doorstation that works with Control4.


Howto integrate:

  1. Insert in Composer a new „3rd party sip phone”, username: 1234 pass: 1234 (must be numbers)
  2. Login to the DS web interface with admin, 1234
  3. SIP-Parameter ->  SIP Proxy = Controller Address
  4. Memory numbers (these are the groups the DS rings to
  5. On the touch panel / Composer make an Intercom group 123.. If you cannot find the device in Composer to put into a group try it on the touch, there all devices are available
  6. Additional printscreens:
    CropperCapture[295] CropperCapture[291] CropperCapture[292] CropperCapture[293] CropperCapture[294]
  7. To use the camera as webcam, use this driver here: (login needed) camera_ip_http_koch_ds
  8. The internal relays can be used in Programming, this driver does export them to be available : (login needed) Koch IPVPUK Relay driver 100001

There is also a German company which does have the same product:

TCS TürControlSysteme AG
39307 Genthin
Telefon: 03933 / 87 99 10
Telefax: 03933 / 87 99 11
Part number: AVU94010-0010 VPUK IP color 1Taste 1 Spalte UP EN


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