Koubachi plant sensor driver for Control4

The Koubachi sensor does not only work for plant monitoring, its also handy to bring values to C4 like  brightness and temperature. Be aware that the sensors are reporting back every 24 hours, so its not a real time application. Mainly the sensors are designed to measure soil moisture. combined with C4 an automated watering system can be designed.


To use it with C4 you need to take the following steps:

  1. Order your Koubachi plant sensor
  2. Open a Koubachi account at https://my.koubachi.com/ 
  3. Register and set up your sensor, a good starting point is here: http://go.koubachi.com/
  4. Do all settings that you have at least one plant and one sensor
  5. Make sure your plant sensor is set up correctly. Take a note of the MAC
  6. Enable the json API here: https://labs.koubachi.com/ Request the activation from the api, you will get confirmation email. Login and you can see under “Your Account” the “user_credentials” and the “app_key”. Take a note of them.
  7. Add the custom lua functions driver to your C4 project. Download here
  8. Add the config file into the path the custom lua function driver is displaying in Properties. Download here: GTASLCO4CULUFU_koubachi
  9. Modify the file you just copied, insert the “user_credentials”, mac and “app_key” at the last 3 lines of the file, modify the existing values.
  10. Go to custom lua functions driver and press “Load file” in Actions
  11. Have a look in the programming section:
  12. Have fun.


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