Legacy device drivers that work with the C4 developed network driver.

This drivers are not anymore supported! Download the latest non legacy version or update as soon as possible.

Legacy free driver device package from Genesis Technologies does supports these devices:

  • Dimmers (Including advanced light scene support)
  • Light switch(Including advanced light scene support)
  • KNX light scenes
  • Blinds
  • Keypads
  • Time, date services
  • Motion sensors
  • Brightness sensors
  • Relays
  • Text services

Version 9.xx.xxx  (To work with V9 of the C4 KNX drivers)
Known issues on V9:

  • V 9.01 blind driver: Invert slats setting is not changing all slat commands. fixed in 9.02
  • V 9.01 – 9.03 dimmer and switch driver: Advanced Scenes batch. Malfunction of driver can stop Director from saving the project in a reasonable time.

Latest version 9 driver package: 9.04
Download: (login needed) KNX_Support_Drivers_V9.04_GT_and_C4


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