Utility drivers

Room Visibility driver

Hide and un-hide the rooms in your project out of Programming, refresh of Navigators included.
Download driver (login needed) room_visibility_Genesis-Technologies

Network Propeller driver, multi instance TCP server, TCP/UDP client for Programming

Named after a motorway junction in Bern this driver does the same for TCP/UDP network connections as a motorway junction for cars would do: Allow traffic in all directions on multiple lines.

In the world of network this can be achieved using proper server and client communication.

Therefore, this driver provides:

  • Ability to add up to 10 independent TCP server instances on different ports.
  • Ability to add up to 10 independent TCP/ UDP client instances on different/same ports
  • Automatic keep alive functions for TCP/UDP clients, ability to set automated keep alive answers in TCP servers
  • Receive from TCP server clients and as well from TCP/UDP clients, match strings in Programming
  • Send using TCP/UDP client connection.
  • Automated conversion from any non-ASCII character into standard $xx notation and vice versa
  • Events for online, offline and data received, variable which contains the strings for programming

Download driver V2.1.8 (login needed)propeller_Network_Genesis-Technologies
Download manual propeller_Network_Genesis-Technologies

Virtual Keypad driver

Simulate key presses to button connections from Programming
Download driver (login needed) buttons_virtual_generic


Volume manager

Often the volume of a receiver or such should be set to a discrete value using another number value in Programming. As the proxies don’t allow to do so and the most receiver drivers do not contain it as custom variable this is a nearly impossible task. This drivers “VOLUME” variable can be set through Programming and it will sent the discrete volume to the device selected in Properties. Detailed manual in zip file
Download driver (login needed)  universal_volume_manager