This driver is not anymore supported! Download the latest SymNet Audio Matrix driver which has the same feature set.

Driver for Symetrix Radius and Edge devices.
Licenses can be bought in the driver store (login needed)

Support: Only a experienced Control4 and Symetrix installer should use this driver, we do only answer questions related to the driver and its config, not to Symetrix programming in general.

Using Symetrix Composer the provided super module can be placed into the custom configuration of the Symetrix DSP. Together with the C4 driver and the config file it enables the DSP to work like a standard audio matrix with some extended functions.

Super module
Basically the super modules we supply  provide various functionality. All in common they have predefined control codes and a few functions like:

  • Source matrix
  • Source leveling
  • Zone Volume
  • Zone leveling
  • Zone EQ
  • Zone delay

There are 2 ARC-WEB files available to use with the super module. ARC-WEB is a simple way to control the Symetrix DSP from a web interface (For setup purposes)

C4 driver
Features of the C4 drivers:

  • Works as standard C4 matrix
  • Provides 64 input, 64 output-bindings
  • Network communication
  • All features of the predefined super module available in programming

Config file
The config file must be loaded into the directory the C4 driver does display in properties, it contains all Control Codes to communicate with Symetrix


  1. Download all files
  2. Symetrix Composer: Insert the super module, connect all inputs, outputs, Dante streams
  3. Fix the IP of the Symetrix device
  4. Control4 Composer: Insert the driver into the config, connect all audio bindings
  5. Control4 Composer: In properties page fill in IP, license key and all other fields
  6. Control4 Composer: The property “Config file path” contains a link to the config file, replace this file with the downloaded .conf file
  7. Let everything start, the C4 driver will display “Driver version xxx running” once the start-up is complete
  8. Calibrate the complete audio system with levels, delays and EQ. Save each module setting into the custom preset in the super module

Custom DSP configs can be done by modifying the super module and the drivers config file. The control codes must match.

Download files here (login needed)
Control4 driver: avswitch_Symetrix_Radius_Edge_Network_DriverWorks_nexgentec_1_00_004
Config file for driver, Super module, ARC-WEB files for a 28×24 matrix including all featured listed: NGTSLCO4SYMDSP_28x24_1_00_004_files