Network keypad

– EOL –

1 – 8 button network keypad (Swiss Feller EDIZIOdue)

  • Free combination with any Feller electronic bus keypad button front
  • Crestron and Control4 drivers available
  • Open protocol to use with any other system
  • Redundant connections available, UDP and TCP
  • No more RS485 or other bus, just standard Fast Ethernet
  • Integrated Web server for config and reset
  • Fully upgradeable, customizable
  • Not control system dependent, no limitations
  • Buttons can be engraved

Color options for frame and buttons:

Special design frames: (Frames only, must be combined with the matching color buttons from above)

Combination available with sockets (EU Schuko and CH) / more than one keypad: (in all colors / finishes as listed above)

Button configuration: 1-8 buttons (also available without LED)

Downloads for hardware version 1 (Board without cable to connect keypad)

Downloads for hardware version 2
Installation guide nexgentec_network_keypad_ngt-hknkp-int-v02_hardware_and_installation_manual

Common files for both versions
PC Tester nexgentec_network_keypad_software_setup
Communication protocol nexgentec_network_keypad_protocol
Crestron files nexgentec_network_keypad_crestron_macro_and_demo
Driver V (login needed) keypad_int_v2_network_DriverWorks_nexgentec
Driver documentation keypad_int_v2_network_DriverWorks_nexgentec