ArtNet drivers for Control4

  • All worldwide available ArtNet 3 and 4 compatible nodes and all previous sold nexgentec DMX processors are compatible with this drivers. It replaces version 3 and 4 of the nexgentec ArtNet or DMX line
  • No direct upgrade of any version of the DMX line drivers is possible. Network and device drivers have to be replaced manually in the C4 project.
  • Upgrade of version 4 of the ArtNet line drivers is possible. Network and device drivers can be upgraded directly, see the upgrade instructions in the manual to ensure a smooth upgrade.
  • This version introduces:
    • HSL color mixing functionality, try here:
    • Compatibility with all ArtNet 3 and 4 compatible modules
    • Possibility to use over 30’000 ArtNet universes @512 channels
    • Dimming over minutes and hours
    • Very low CPU use even when fully loaded
    • Navigator updates fully managed according of system performance
    • Blind driver for C4 OS2.9+

SetupĀ manuals: (login needed)

Control4 OS3.2.1 has changed the blind proxy, status is shown incorrect on navigators for all drivers below version 5.6.1. All blinds need to be updated to version 5.6.1 (included in zip file below) and moved to its end position (can take a long time, just wait).

Driver files version 5.6.0: (login needed)