ArtNet drivers for Control4

  • All worldwide available ArtNet 3 and 4 compatible nodes and all previous sold nexgentec DMX processors are compatible with this drivers. It replaces version 3 and 4 of the nexgentec ArtNet or DMX line
  • No direct upgrade of any version of the DMX line drivers is possible. Network and device drivers have to be replaced manually in the C4 project.
  • Upgrade of version 4 of the ArtNet line drivers is possible. Network and device drivers can be upgraded directly, see the upgrade instructions in the manual to ensure a smooth upgrade.
  • This version introduces:
    • HSL color mixing functionality, try here:
    • Compatibility with all ArtNet 3 and 4 compatible modules
    • Possibility to use over 30’000 ArtNet universes @512 channels
    • Dimming over minutes and hours
    • Very low CPU use even when fully loaded
    • Navigator updates fully managed according of system performance
    • Blind driver for C4 OS2.9+

SetupĀ manuals: (login needed)

Driver files version 5.6.0: (login needed)