Advanced logging not using Composer

This is a Control4 knowledgebase entry, compressed to the imported facts

Composer logging is good for issues that you can reproduce on the fly. If you have an issue that is random and sporadic then Composer logging is not the best option

Using the command c4log you are able to enable logging on any service running on the device. This will save the log on the device under the /log/debug directory. It will create a text file that will fill upto 1 mb (megabyte). Once it gets to 1 mb it will zip that file into a .gz (gzip) file. Then start a new text file that will fill to 1 mb again. Then also will create a gzip file with .2.gz on the extension. It will create a max of 5 .gz files. Once there are 5 .gz files it will overwrite the 1.gz file and next the 2.gz and so on.. (logging zigbee will create a total of 20 .gz fi les.)
Activate/deactivate the log process:

  1. Login to the Controller by using openssh. Ask Google where to download:
  2. install openssh
  3. Open the windows command prompt and type ssh -l root (Enter button)
    (For sure replace the IP with the one of your Controller)
  4. Accept the warning by typing “yes” and copy and paste in the password: t0talc0ntr0l4!
  5. In the command prompt type c4log (Enter button) and you see the list which services can be log’d:
    •     all
    •     amgserver
    •     audio
    •     c4lookup
    •     c4rmengined
    •     daemon
    •     dhcp
    •     director
    •     dtserver
    •     intercom
    •     ioserver
    •     kernel
    •     mp3d
    •     navigator
    •     netusbserver
    •     performance
    •     raproxyd
    •     ripd
    •     sipproxy
    •     sysmand
    •     upman
    •     zap
    •     zserver
  6. To start the logging use the command c4log enable (service).
  7. To stop the logging use the command c4log disable (service).

To have a look to the log process youo can use the command tail to any file that is logged in /var/log/debug. Example: tail -f /var/log/debug/director.log

If you need to send the logs to someone you can locate the logs from SAMBA share of the device.