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Connect Chromecast Audio devices to Control4

To enable your Control4 to play Chromecast Audio you need to buy a Chromecast Audio device and follow these steps.

  1. Setup the Chromecast Audio device as usual, join into your WLAN
  2. Connect the Chromecast Audio on any analog input of any Control4 Controller
  3. Add this modified Chromecast driver to the Project and connect in Composer the audio output to the Controller input. Its name will be shown in Composer as Chromecast Audio. nocontrol_google_chromecast_audio
  4. That’s it. Refresh Navigators and enjoy!

How to replace GT KNX dimmer and switch drivers by C4 dimmer and switch drivers

The process is identical for switch and dimmer, in this example we take a look at a dimmer driver which needs to be replaced.

  1. Make sure you have updated the driver to Version 10.6.2 or higher. Go to Driver -> Add or update Driver and select the driver file.
  2. Check version by right clicking on the driver
  3. Refresh the project in Composer by pressing F5 or File -> Refresh
  4. If the version is correct add a new KNX Dimmer driver from the online database to the project.
  5. Jump to the old driver and select in the popup window of the Property Replace with C4 Dimmer driver the new inserted KNX Dimmer driver.
  6. Press Set
  7. Jump to the new driver and see if all Properties were correct transferred.
    The driver name also is taken over, and the old driver is marked with obsolete.
  8. Buttons connected to the old driver were also transferred to the new driver
  9. Delete the old driver, AFTER you have checked Programming if there is anything to do.


Kaleidescape Co-Star for Creston NVX available

The Kaleidescape Co-Star for Creston NVX solution is now available, with the purchase of a special Co-Star for Crestron software license.  This solution allows Strato movie players to present a unified onscreen library that includes all of a Kaleidescape customer’s movies – from DVD discs to downloaded 4K HDR movies – in one seamless interface. Co-Star allows the movies on both a Strato system and a Premiere system to be played from a single user interface.

With the Co-Star for Crestron feature, Strato players are paired with Kaleidescape M-Class players using Crestron DM-NVX encoder/decoder devices, which can switch between video sources and transport 2160p60 4:4:4 video over standard Gigabit Ethernet. NVX devices are controlled using a Crestron control processor, and the Kaleidescape module for these processors has been extended to allow Strato to direct the NVX devices to switch between players, enabling playback of movies from both systems.


Intercom Anywhere – Control4

Control4 has released last week OS 2.10.3. The main advantage is “Intercom Anywhere”. This adds all mobile devices to the existing Intercom capabilities from any Control4 System


  • Receives calls form Control4 touchpanel, doorstation etc.
  • Calls all devices registered with the Control4 System, such as doorstations, touchpanels, etc
  • Calls from mobile to mobile
  • Camera preview from the door and the ability to open the door with the press of a button
  • Works in both WLAN and in 3/4/5G networks
  • 4Sight license required
  • Intercom Anywhere is a dedicated app for Intercom from Control4.
  • Free of charge

Donwload the App in Apple and Google Play Store and enjoy!

myStrom devices integrated in Control4

The Swiss manufacturer myStrom has developed a attractive range of simple WiFi devices to connect to automation systems like Control4.

The device range includes:

  • Bulb for E27 mounting
  • LED Strip ballast/controller
  • Power switch for direct socket mounting
  • Button for simple task automation

Today the complete Control4 driver suite for all myStrom devices is released, find all details on the product page