How to replace GT KNX dimmer and switch drivers by C4 dimmer and switch drivers

The process is identical for switch and dimmer, in this example we take a look at a dimmer driver which needs to be replaced.

  1. Make sure you have updated the driver to Version 10.6.2 or higher. Go to Driver -> Add or update Driver and select the driver file.
  2. Check version by right clicking on the driver
  3. Refresh the project in Composer by pressing F5 or File -> Refresh
  4. If the version is correct add a new KNX Dimmer driver from the online database to the project.
  5. Jump to the old driver and select in the popup window of the Property Replace with C4 Dimmer driver the new inserted KNX Dimmer driver.
  6. Press Set
  7. Jump to the new driver and see if all Properties were correct transferred.
    The driver name also is taken over, and the old driver is marked with obsolete.
  8. Buttons connected to the old driver were also transferred to the new driver
  9. Delete the old driver, AFTER you have checked Programming if there is anything to do.