Symetrix triggers ADA PTM-1645 and Lexicon DD-8

Have you ever heard a Symetrix Radius or Edge combined with a ADA PTM-1645VC or a Lexicon DD-8?

Even though that combination  sounds good, its a breeze to combine them technically. No need to trigger over control systems, doing whatever programming.

ADA PTM-1645
Using this prebuild super-module for Symetrix Composer all PTM’s can be controlled from one serial port of a Symetrix unit. Setup instructions are inside the supermodule
Daisy Chain of PTM’s is supported.
Cabling: Symetrix RX goes to ADA ring, TX to tip, ground to ground

Download here (login needed)
PTM-1645VC Trigger


Lexicon DD-8
The DD-8 needs to be controlled over a single trigger, using one control output of a Symetrix unit.  All 4 zones of the DD-8 are supported, merged.
Setup instructions are inside the supermodule

Download here (login needed)
DD-8 Trigger


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